Randy is the best, always helpful and kind, very professional and always helps with all of my needs.
-Julie T

I was referred to McDole edge by a couple of friends. I called them on a Saturday and Deanna McDole was extremely prompt to get me some good quotes. I did not have to think twice about switching my insurance from Geico to the insurance carrier that McDole provided me with. They have a very prompt staff who respond diligently. I would definitively recommend McDole Edge corp to my friends,family and colleagues.
-Kamal R

McDole Edge is very comprehensive in their service and extremely efficient.  If there is ever a problem, the problem is dealt with quickly and completely.
-David M

5 or 6 years ago my wife Sherry and I were looking for a better and less expensive car insurance carrier. My son Jeremy told us to call his agent, Wayne, at McDole agency. We got a great quote from Wayne, from a good company. And combined with our homeowners ins. we’re saving a few hundred dollars a year. Thank you Wayne and the McDole Agency.
-Barry K

I meet with Randy and Deanna every October.  The purpose of our meeting is to discuss my insurance policy.  I know that Randy and Deanna are busy, but when I meet with them, they always give me their undivided attention.  I appreciate their devotion to me while I ask questions about my policy.  They are patient with me as I peruse my policy, and they show me how my policy compares with other policies.  They provide me with the coverage I need at a price I can afford.  They also give me sound advice about financial planning.  I have worked with Randy and Deanna since 1997, and this is one of the most stable relationships I have.
-Scott F

I’ve known Wayne Lowenthal (agent) for a number of years and he has been very helpful to me regarding my insurance needs, i.e. life, auto and home. Wayne has proven to be very knowledgeable concerning his work.  McDole Edge Corp. is a viable entity.
-Cornel L

McDole has always been responsive to any questions I’ve had. When I had an auto claim last winter, the McDole team and insurance company they represent was extremely efficient.  I had my car back in less than a week and all monies were paid without incident.
-James M

I got a lot of help when purchasing my auto and homeowners insurance. Wayne Lowenthal spent a good amount of time explaining my choices and the reason for his recommendations. I referred my two adult sons for their insurance needs.
-John G

Our broker Wayne Lowenthal was incredibly helpful and courteous.  He helped us through every step of the way, returned our calls promptly.  He is an incredible asset to your company.  I had been with my previous insurance company for 22 years, my wife had been with them for 37 years.  We were always hesitate to make the switch, because we felt comfortable.  Mr. Lowenthal made the switch easily and we feel very confident we are in good hands.  Thank you.
-Peter H

I have been a customer of McDole Edge for several years now. Before them I used to go shopping every year for better insurance (at the renewal time). Now they do it for me every year and if there is something better out there, I get the call from them and we talk about it. Thank you for making the insurance business different (better) than other companies! .
-Catalin F

Very efficient, my car insurance premium was lowered without issues. It was done without me calling. Mrs. Mcdole was easy to deal with.
-David D

I had a great experience with McDole Edge’s insurance agent. They’ve been very helpful on my price quotes. Thank you for your services.
-Shilei M

Courteous & Prompt in Servicing.
-Rasnidhi D

My experience with McDole Edge from 2000 is nothing then the best.they’ve been always helpful and professional about all info.regarding questions that I had;and I’ll continue to be their customer.
-Stanko Z

Customer Service is superb, My questions are always answered quickly and accurately.
-Larry S

I have had McDole Edge Corp. handling my insurance needs for over 15 years.  Their service and expertise has not wavered at all in that time.  I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of insurance or financial guidance.
-Frank F

I am very pleased with the level of support and recommendation that McDole Edge provides in terms of finding the best insurance policy that best suits my particular needs. Thanks, and keep up the good work.
-Robert W

Very personal and helpful agents.
-Mary S

McDole Edge has taken care of my insurance needs for at least 5 years.  They are very conscientious of their customers.  For example, when my former insurance went up on my insurance significantly, McDole Edge got in touch me with because they were determined to find me lower rates with good coverage.  Whatever I needed to make me feel I have proper and good coverage on my car, they took care of it.  I can always count on them.
-Colette M

I have been with McDole Edge Corporation for a few years now and I love their service. If I ever need anything they are only an email away and they take care of everything for me. I love how much they care about their customers. When my policy was about to expire I got a call from my rep and she had researched a new, better, cheaper policy for my car and renters insurance. I will be sticking with them for a long time! .
-Melanie S

We have been with McDole Edge since first moving to Maryland and have enjoyed excellent, responsive, and friendly service throughout.  Although we suffered no damage during Hurricane Isabel, I was impressed by news reports that the firm McDole Edge recommended and we were with was the only insurance company that paid claims promptly and without hassle while maintaining a high financial rating.  I would highly recommend McDole Edge for their knowledge, service, and the security of knowing you’ll be well taken care of.
-Bill E

My experience with McDole has been 100% positive, Deanna McDole has been a really help when I need her, fortunatelly I have had not any major accident and knocking wood I won’t! but I know She and her team will be there for us. I have a relationship with you for about 5 years now and I feel I am well covered. Thank you and continue the great work.
-Julio J

McDole Edge is the best insurance agent I’ve dealt with. Always friendly and I can get info. quickly. I’ve also referred family members-all of whom are as happy as I am! .
-Katie S

My family has been with McDole Edge Corporation for about 10 years. Randy has always been very professional and always ready to assist in any way he can. The services they provide are exceptional and personal. I always feel like they care about me and my family and not just what I can give them. I would highly recommend them to anyone – if you are looking for a friendly, professional and genuine company – McDole Edge is the company for your business! .
-Melissa H

When my wife and I moved from PA here in 2009, we became clients because McDole had Erie Insurance. But since then we have come to know that McDole stands for service to their clients..they now handle our investments & retire plan as well. We couldn’t have made a better choice then McDole Edge Corporation.
-Mark S

Pam Andrew, Erie Property Adjustor, provided prompt, excellent service on our Homeowners Ins. claim. Especially appreciated her patience and understanding when contractors proved slow in completing the work. She checked our progress regularly – that was reassuring that she hadn;t forgotten us. When work was finally all complete and I submitted all requested materials, she was prompt with payment. Good job, Pam. Thank you! .
-Sylvia H

McDole Edge is a fantastic Insurance Agency. Randy and Deanna are so knowledgeable and attentive to my needs. besides their expertise, they unselfishly and proactively provide recommendations that are always on target. We have used McDole Edge for many years and I would never even think about looking for alternatives.
-Walter J

Excellent Service. Very Professional.
-Mohan M

The entire team at McDole Edge is great to work with.  They took the time to review all of our insurance needs and were able to provide recommendations of both areas we could improve our coverage/save money as well as areas where we were fine with what we had.  Their truth and honesty in the process is refreshing and appreciated! .
-Andrew D

I’ve been a client of McDole Edge Corporation for more than 10 years. I have a very good experience with the company – people are knowledgeable and very helpful.
-Yelena Y

I have been a customer of McDole Edge for more then 10 years. I stay with them because they provide reliable, personalized service.  Over years they proved time and again that they are their for me to solve any insurance need I have. They help me insure some complicated  real estate transactions. Reviewed and consolidate my policies to save me money and a lot more.  Cannot say enough good things about them. Does not matter who you working with, I work with Randy McDole,  Sara and others, you get A+ customer service.
-Alexi P

I have been a very satisfied McDole Edge Corporation for nearly ten years. If they haven’t heard from me, the staff checks in once a year to see if my insurance needs have changed.  On those few occasions when I have called in, the staff have been unfailingly prompt, courteous, helpful, and frequently one step ahead of me!  I trust that if something changes (state coverage requirements, policy coverages, etc.) a representative will be in touch to address any changes I may need to make in my policies.  I never worry that I am either under- or over-insured; the company understands my needs and ensures that I am covered appropriately.  You can’t go wrong dealing with McDole Edge! .
-Lisa S

Randy has shown a dedicated level of professionalism and personal touch on my past interactions with him.
-Robert R

Every person I have dealt with at McDole Edge has been amazing, I get quick, comprehensive responses. I have not had a bad experience in all the years with this company, I highly recommend them! .
-Joyce N

My experience with McDole Edge has been positive – everyone is responsive and pleasant. I feel like they actually know who I am, not “just a client.” .
-Beverly W

Thanks a bunch for the terrific service you’ve provided me for many years now. Whenever I’ve called or emailed, you have been genial, candid,and informative (sometimes enlightening!). I have recommended your service to many of my friends, family, colleagues, and students.
-James D

We have been customers with this organization for approximately 7 years.  They are professionals who care about the well being of their clients, they are always willing to assist.  They run a quality service and strive for quality outcomes.
-Nicholas and Faith M

The people at McDole Edge took the time to understand my needs, delivered a sound proposal and catered to our schedule. By all means, go with them.
-Brian R

I found McDole Edge through Dave Ramsey’s ELP search.  Randy was quick in his responses, wanted me to be educated in the decisions I was making and really took the time to make sure I understood.  Thank you very much for the excellent service!  Good customer service is VERY HARD to find these days!!! .
-Sarah H

I have no complaints.
-Agnes D

Service has been good.
-Pamela D

Great teacher and service provider. Will continue to use him for all my insurance needs.
-Christopher R

We have been customers of McDole Edge for approximately 17 years.  We have found them to be very responsive and customer-oriented.  They treat you as though they know you personally.  That means a lot these days! .
-John C

I have been a McDole Edge client since __(fill in the blank, I know it’s been more than 10 years).  Wayne Lowenthal and the staff at McDole Edge have always been proactive in protecting my interests and giving me expert advice when needed.
-Darren M

I’m grateful for the annual review that the agents at McDole perform. After the first year owning my first home, their advice to change insurance providers saved me a significant cost for my home-run business.
-Keith F

Randy has been my insurance agent for well over 10 years.  In addition to always provided great service, Randy has been a valued adviser.  I always felt I got good information and good advice as my insurance needs have evolved over the years.
-Mark M

I have been a client of McDole Edge since it’s origination. Randall McDole has always managed my accounts and kept me well informed as to the market. During downturns, my accounts were untouched in comparison to other people I know who were not with a conservative financial manager such as Randall McDole. He truly cares about his clients and has minimal fees. McDole Edge is responsible, knowledgeable, on top of the market,and always available to personally address your concerns. I have been with Deanna McDole for my insurance needs and again have been very satisfied.
-Lynda M